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u /r to collaborate with video artist Bas van Koolwijk

Updated: May 25

u /r ext.: lumen is a project for music and video developed jointly by the Zurich trio u /r and Dutch video artist Bas van Koolwijk. The work is going to be premiered at Videoex in Zurich on May 27th, followed by a second performance in Bern on May 29th. Details here.


Note: Since Tamriko Kordzaia is recovering from an illness, Flo Stoffner (guitar) will be stepping in as her guest replacement with u /r.


The music of u /r - Tamriko Kordzaia, Tomas Korber, and Tobias Gerber - is characterized by a deep interconnection of the individual musicians and instruments: In recent years, Tomas Korber has developed a system of software elements and microphone techniques that not only enables the electronic manipulation of the various instruments, but above all their mutual control and modulation. The ensemble thus functions as a complex configuration in which acoustic instruments, electronics and spatial sound are closely interlinked and interact with each other. Bas van Koolwijk fits seamlessly into this system. Using specially designed hardware and software, he develops video systems that use the audio signal directly as input to generate moving images. This results in highly complex interaction possibilities between u /r's music and van Koolwijk's images.


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